Same Day Edit | Brittany + Brian | Umstead Hotel Wedding

Adrenaline rush, exciting, crazy, emotional, amazing, rewarding…these are just a few words to sum up this past week and our first same day edit experience!

This all starts when we met Brian a couple months ago, he wanted to surprise Brittany and the guests with a film of the wedding day to show at the reception before their first dance, this is called a same day edit. It was one of the most exciting experiences we’ve ever had! We got to know Brian very well before the wedding and enjoyed working with him to bring his vision to reality.
There were several parts to this and a ton of pre-production and shooting went into it…first and foremost we planned everything out and knew exactly what we were going to do before we picked up a camera. We went to the Umstead 3 different days the week of the wedding to get sunrise, sunset and location shots. We had a crew of 3 on the wedding day; Chris was the dedicated editor and also shot in between editing and dumping footage, Toni was the other main shooter and Jeff Brewer came out to help us as 3rd shooter. We were constantly bringing Chris footage to dump, it was crazy but fortunately everything was at the Umstead which made it very easy. There were 3 different angles involved in the edit; Brian, Brittany and their adorable son Thomas. Brian wanted everything leading up to the ceremony, and a few shots of the ceremony in the film. We had 2 hours from the time the ceremony ended until the film was shown. About 30 minutes before the ceremony it started sprinkling rain and guests were moved inside, we grabbed our gear and ran for shelter, it quickly passed and everybody reset for the ceremony in a matter of minutes. Everything moved so fast and everybody jumped in and it was great.
Chris is highly competitive, being an athlete his whole life gives him a huge advantage in situations like this and he totally excels. He definitely edited like the true champ that he is, his competitive/athletic nature kicked in, he was completely focused and it was game on, he didn’t break a sweat and loved the challenge. I am used to high pressure situations as well, coming from a theatre/dance background it was just like preparing for a major performance, I started getting excited butterflies the closer it got to showtime, I got nervous the last 15 minutes because I was really only concerned with the technical aspect of how long it was going to take to export the film and our computer not freezing up last minute. Chris walked in the reception, handed the computer to the Creative Visions team, they plugged it in, got it set, the band announced the bride and groom, Brittany & Brian entered and went right to the dance floor for what Brittany and everybody else thought was their first dance, and bam there it was, our film on a huge screen provided by Creative Visions. I didn’t get to see the whole film because I had my camera on Brittany and Brian to get their reaction and anytime I looked at the screen I teared up. I just remember in that moment I was overwhelmed with amazing emotions and brought back to when I used to dance/perform on stage and it was a great feeling, Chris was also shooting their reaction and was overwhelmed with excitement, seeing what we just shot on a big screen and being able to witness first hand everybody’s reaction was the most exhilarating experience. It was totally rewarding and one of the greatest moments we have experienced. We couldn’t have been blessed with a better couple that is more in love to share this experience with, than Brittany and Brian. Brian had high expectations and to know that we exceeded them meant everything to us!

“Chris and Toni, An email alone can’t come close to thank you for what you pulled off last night. I know you have done hundreds if not thousands of videos over the years. I am in the business to provide bucket list events to others, it’s what I have a passion for. What I experienced last night will never leave me. I will remember it for the rest of my life! When someone creates that for you an email alone just doesn’t seem  enough. I hope on this rainy Sunday you are both together and appreciate your gift of making memories for others!! Thank you again!!”…Brian, Groom
This would not have been possible without the amazing and talented crew involved, this was a group of truly talented and creative professionals and everybody played a big part. HUGE shout out to everybody involved in this experience and to everybody that helped pull this off, we couldn’t have done it without any of you, it was very much a bonding experience and one we will remember forever, Thank You, we heart you all!!



Venue | Umstead Hotel & Spa
Event Designer, Planner | Ivy Robinson, Ivy Robinson Weddings & Events
Photographer | Walters & Walters 
Cinematographer | Heart Stone Films
Lighting, Projector, Screen | Creative Visions
Florist | Kelly Odom
Cake Artist | The Art of Cake
Band | Heather Hayes Band
Make up Artist | Ginger Mullins
Rentals, Linens, Furniture | CE Rentals, Classic Party Rentals,Party Tables, American Furniture Rental
Ice Sculpture | Ice Occasions
Photo Booth | Kevin Milz Photography
Dancers | Elevate

Thank you to Walters & Walters for these amazing reaction photos, it was a blast working with you as always!


Brian, thank you for sharing your day with such an amazing video… I’m so happy for you and Brittany… and Thomas. Here’s to a lifetime of sweet love & amazing ‘fun’ adventures. You deserve the best the world has to offer!


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