Southern Bridal Show & Expo April 2010

We were excited to do the Southern Bridal Show & Expo with Forever Bridal Productions April 18, 2010. The morning before Chris decided to scrap the old TV on a table set up in exchange for our studio set up. We got on awesome end booth in a great location and set up our chic boutique black, white, and red damask infused booth! It ended up working out great because we won a Booth Award…Thanks a bunch! We were extra excited that James Walters took some pictures of our booth and us hangning out in it! Once again we can say, we were shot by Walters & Walters Photography! (We took the bottom picture of the booth award) Check out the pictures….


Love your booth design. It is very “welcoming” in the midst of “Wedding Show” chaos! Not only are you talented videographers, you are great designers too!


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