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Why You Should Splurge on Your Wedding Video

So, why should you splurge on your wedding video and photos? Shelby, who runs the blog “Pretty in the Pines” was one of our beautiful brides from this past year and she shared her sentiments on whether or not you should splurge on a wedding video on her blog. Of course we agree that you should always splurge (read invest) in your memories, but it is awesome to hear it from the perspective of a bride! Wedding videography or wedding films as we like to call them and your wedding photography are so so so important and truly one of the few purchases that you can make that become more valuable as time passes. Thank you Shelby and TJ for trusting us with your memories and for sharing this with everyone! Enough from us, here are Shelby’s thoughts:


Since June, my one piece of planning advice for brides has always been “focus on what will be remembered and enjoyed” which brings me to a few wedding investments we were glad we included.

Photography and Cinematography: The first wedding vendors we ever reached out to were for photography and videography. Wedding days fly by so it was important for us to be able to look back at the moments captured on camera and video. We used Jake and Heather for photography and Heart Stone Films for cinematography. Photography is pretty much a necessity for weddings but I always hear brides go back and forth between hiring a videographer or not. Our video is honestly one of the best investments EVER. Not only do we have a short film of our entire day, but we also will be able to watch the entire speeches made by our family/friends, our entire ceremony, our first dances, and more. There is nothing like a video to take you back to a moment in time and I am SO thankful we were able to make a videographer work. If you’re “camera shy”on video, wedding videographers make it so that you don’t even realize you’re being filmed so that isn’t an issue at all. I know videographers can be a big investment but, if you can make it work, I highly recommend finding one!”


Wow! We absolutely love this perspective on why you should splurge on your wedding video in addition to your wedding photographer! Please be sure to watch Shelby and TJ’s wedding film and go and check out the amazing photographs by Jake and Heather! 




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