Walnut Creek Country Club Wedding | Stephanie + Lee

The Meeting…(written by the bride)
Oh Lord, this is so embarrassing…but if you understood our small town, it seems normal! Lee and I met at the County Fair (a running joke in the family) and it was not love at first sight. His best friend and my best friend were dating, so it was just obvious that they should set us up and then always have a double date couple for the rest of our lives, haha! At the end of our awkward date (I was very concerned with eating my caramel apple) he wrote his number on my hand. I was appalled and immediately washed it off, Stephanie Rains did NOT call boys first! After 24 hours of no communication, Lee hunted down my number and called me and asked why I hadn’t called him. I told him the extreme hand scrubbing was a total accident (terrible lie) and ended up agreeing to going out again. I was 14 and he was 15, high school sweethearts! We go to the fair every year to celebrate (sounds like we are hillbillies again, geez!) and eat the awful/awesome food. This is our favorite time of year!

The Proposal…
Lee proposed at our annual family beach trip to the Outer Banks. I knew he was going to do it because he was acting SO strange during the weeks prior, and I ruined his initial idea. I love to scrapbook, so Lee’s plan was to make a scrapbook of us through the years and share it with me on the beach one evening. The last page was going to have a letter and ask for my hand in marriage. BUT, a week before we left for vacation, I realized all my scrapbooking stuff was not in the normal spots…and I found a Micheal’s receipt that was not mine on the floor. I confronted him and asked him when he picked up this particular hobby. He claimed that it was the beginning of “a lot of really nice random acts so you won’t really know when I will propose to you.” I let it go.
Once we got to the beach for vacation, he was adamant about going for a walk on the beach. I was so convinced that he was going to propose, I started to paint my nails before we went so pictures would look good…vain? Anyway, he was extremely chatty and nervous on the way down to the beach…I couldn’t help but mess around with him. I started to walk super fast to see if he would try and keep up. The poor boy just about ran to catch me. We walked and walked, then turned around and walked back to our beach access. I was SO MAD because he did not propose or at least TALK about when he was going to propose and I felt like an idiot, when the whole time he was trying to get my attention but he was too nervous. I went to grab my shoes, and I turned around and he was on not one, but BOTH knees. I was shocked after convincing myself it wasn’t going to happen. We were both so nervous, we cant remember what he said!
After he spit something out about marriage and children and just holding the ring box, we snapped out of it and were overjoyed. Back at the house, my family already had champagne ready to go and we celebrated. Deep down, I was surprised even though I had convinced myself this was it. He is the worst secret keeper from me, and he really did a good job with that one!

“Oh my stars, y’all it is absolutely beautiful! Lee and I watched it a dozen times last night and we cannot get over how perfect it is. Our film completely captured all the love that we felt that day. This is something that we will forever treasure and be able to show our family for the rest of our lives. Your work is such a blessing to couples getting married. I am unable to express how valuable this is to us, choosing Heart Stone to film our wedding was the best decision. Thank you, a million times over!”…Stephanie + Lee, Bride + Groom

Ceremony | Saint Luke United Methodist Church
Reception | Walnut Creek Country Club 
Photographer | Swank Photo Studio
Cinematographer | Heart Stone Films, Lindsey + Kevin
Florist | Cheryl’s Floral Designs
Cake Artist | Lois Rains (Mother)
DJ | Keith Waller- KW Music