Team Twitter or Team Facebook?

So we finally broke down and joined Twitter! We are @bcwfilms I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet! I must admit that I am a huge fan of facebook and love it, and I never saw the point in Twitter. Isn’t is basically the same thing? You can do a lot more with facebook anyways. I am trying to figure it all out! I never understood the @bhdiow88920jldjl>! what does that even mean!? Isn’t Twitter mainly for celebrities that actually have things to tweet about? I mean I get it, I understand it, and it’s the way of the future and all, so why not?! I tried linking facebook and twitter and we’ll see how it goes. So anyways, Follow us on Twitter now, it’s sure to be a real treat!

Are you Team Facebook or Team Twitter or both, and why? Leave your answer in the Comments section below…

So far i’m Team Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter


This is a hilarious article to look back on. When did you write this?

A long time ago when we first joined Twitter!! LOL!


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