Washington Duke Inn Wedding | Jenn + Cam

She was always over-eager to do extracurricular activities at  UNC Chapel Hill. One day, she got an e-mail advertising an EMT class, despite not being sure of what EMT’s really did she found herself at the first class. He had taken the EMS course during high school, and helped teach some days.  He sat in the back of the classroom, a few rows behind her… He started to talk to his friend about her, and at the time his friend was dating her friend. One day, she saw him on campus outside the beloved Venable hall and they exchanged greetings. She looked him up on facebook and came to find he was only a freshman, she was a year ahead of him in school!  They exchanged some messages over facebook and then became AOL chatters.  She invited him to visit Relay for Life, they walked around the track, and spent time learning about each other. She had determined he was a shy guy and found it charming. The same weekend, they attended a cultural show at Memorial hall, by the end of it they were holding hands. He walked her back to her dorm and went to give her a kiss on the forehead. With their height difference, she thought he was just missing her lips and thought this was the end – this guy was a horrible kisser. But, they continued to see each other during that week. The next weekend was approaching – Easter weekend.  She wasn’t going back home because it was too expensive to fly for every holiday. His  parents with their southern hospitality insisted that she come over for Easter lunch. She only knew him for a week and now she was meeting his parents! She was so incredibly nervous, and they even pointed it out. Somehow she passed the family test, and the rest is history. Cam is Jenn’s southern proper man, who wants to grow old and wrinkly with her.
“WE LOVE IT!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and you were definitely our best investment for the wedding! And no doubt, we recommend you to everyone! Thanks so much!”…Jenn + Cam

Jenn + Cam, thank you for sharing your story with us and trusting us to capture your most special day, we will forever be impacted by the love you two share! -C+T

Be sure to watch Jenn + Cam’s fun love story that we filmed before the wedding: “remember how we met”

Planner | A Southern Soiree
Ceremony + Reception Venue | Washington Duke Inn
Photographer | Shane Snider Photography
Videographer | Heart Stone Films
Ceremony Officiant | Reverend Barbara Lodge
Band | The Design
Flowers | Fresh Affairs
Cake | Miel Bon Bons
Photobooth | Shutterbooth
Hair + Makeup | Bella Trio

Facebook Love
October 2 at 11:38am · OMG – when she says “Deep and Abiding Friendship” and you guys look at teach other – that is about the sweetest thing ever 🙂 So happy for you ♥
October 2 at 12:22pm · oh wow, that was delightful to watch. Congrats to you both on a wonderful lifelong journey together
October 2 at 12:28pm · Wow that is truly amazing… I’m so happy for you Jenn!
October 2 at 12:50pm · Loved this! =) Beautiful wedding!
October 2 at 3:16pm · Omg Jennifer Kolos-my wonderful pledge mama-that was absolutely beautiful and you are stunning! Congrats! 🙂
October 2 at 4:29pm · Congrats!!! You were a beautiful bride!
October 2 at 8:35pm · awww! that was so wonderful!!!
October 6 at 2:44pm · Loved your video! It got me choked up!!! 😉


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