July 26, 2013

Washington Duke Inn Wedding | Lauren + Reuben

The Meeting…
Lauren and Reuben met while tenting for the Duke-UNC game. As you likely know, Duke has developed a “tenting” system for students who wish to gain entry to the Duke-UNC game, whereby students can elect to do the more intense “blue” tenting (a month before the game) or “white” tenting (just the week before).

Lauren and Reuben officially met on February 1, 2008, while Lauren was waiting in line to get into another Duke basketball game. Lauren heard the group in front of her refer to a guy who had just walked up as “Reuben.” Knowing that there was a “Reuben” in her tent group, she asked him if he was in her tent and introduced herself. Reuben was not happy when he realized who she was, as he had gotten himself over to K-ville from Central Campus really early on a Saturday morning to be there for any possible tent checks, and Lauren could have covered the tent. Fortunately, things only improved from there!

Over the 5 plus weeks that Lauren and Reuben tented for the Duke-UNC basketball game together, they gradually got to know each other. By the time Lauren asked Reuben to accompany her to her sorority semi-formal in late February, the two were pretty much inseparable.

The Proposal…
Reuben proposed to Lauren during Lauren’s post-bar trip to Europe in August of 2011. After a wonderful few days in London, Lauren and Reuben flew to Florence, Italy, so that Lauren could show Reuben the city she studied abroad in and loved so much. Unbeknownst to Lauren, Reuben had bigger plans.

Their first evening in Florence, Reuben told Lauren that he had made a reservation for dinner (no small feat, considering the fact that he doesn’t speak Italian!). Reuben took Lauren to her favorite restaurant in Florence, La Giostra, where he continued to give her notecards, working their way steadily to the present day. Following dinner, Reuben said that he had made a reservation elsewhere for dessert.

After a walk through the city to the Ponte Vecchio, Reuben and Lauren arrived at the rooftop bar at the Hotel Continentale, right beside the Ponte Vecchio. Given the fact that the rooftop was relatively busy, Reuben asked a waiter if there was a more private place to talk. He led Lauren, with eyes closed, down to a candlelit room with a view of the Ponte Vecchio. On the final notecard Reuben handed Lauren, it said “August 1, 2011” and then “Sometimes all it takes is a look back in order to see what lies ahead . . . (Turn Around).” Lauren turned around, and Reuben was down on one knee.

Lauren, of course, said “yes!” and they celebrated with prosecco on the rooftop.

The Details…
Washington Duke Inn was where Lauren and Reuben had their first date. Lauren asked Reuben to attend her sorority’s semi-formal with her. The couple had dinner at there, and decided that it would be the perfect place to have their wedding!

The Crew…
Event Planner | Angie Wright, Chic Details Weddings & Events
Event Location | Washington Duke Inn
Photographer | Sheri Whitko
Florist | Fresh Affairs
Cake | Sweet Memories Bakery
Band | Groovetown Band