Welcome Lyndon Ray: A Family Film by Heart Stone Films

On July 26th Nancy and Will Ray welcomed Lyndon Whitfield Ray into the world, and we captured their oldest daughter Milly meeting her for the first time. This was so special for us not only because of how sacred and beautiful new life is, but Nancy and Will are our colleagues (Nancy Ray Photography) and two of our dearest friends!

Nancy said it better in her blog post than we ever could – “It’s not lost on me that having these moments captured is a rare treasure. I can only imagine watching this film again when the girls are older, full of shared memories and the close bond that only sisters share. The fact that Milly almost always said “baby sister” when we asked “What is in mama’s belly?” is the sweetest, because it’s like she knew when all of us didn’t. It reminds me of my older sister and best friend, who prayed every day when my mama was pregnant that she would have a baby sister.”

I can’t thank Chris and Toni of Heart Stone Films enough. I believe wholeheartedly that saving our pennies for beautiful photos and legacy films will be something that we never, ever regret.

To inquire about our Heart Stone Films, Family Film Collection email us at studio@filmsforlife.com


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