October 8, 2014

Now Hiring: Wedding Film Editor and Cinematographer- Raleigh, North Carolina

Today is an amazing day for us. It marks the start of our 7th year in business and to celebrate this milestone, we are growing! One of the privileges of owning Heart Stone Films has been seeing our team grow and watching our team achieve things that we dreamed of when we started this journey 7 years ago. Expanding our team gives us the opportunity to capture more beautiful love stories and serve more families every year.

We believe in love; immovable, whole hearted, life changing love. The kind that can put a smile on your face
or a lump in your throat. That will see you through the days, both good and bad.
A love, just like yours.
We’re Heart Stone Films, we create moving imagery about people and the special times in their lives.
Films that are as unique and fresh as those that they’re about.

The current positions we are looking to fill are: Part Time Editor, Full Time Editor, Part/Full Time Cinematographer

Editor (Full/Part Time): 

Please submit a demo reel or body of work for us to review via a youtube or vimeo link. Also include a resume with references in an email.

We are looking for…
*Someone who wants to be part of a team
*A team member who is passionate about storytelling through video
*Experience working in Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Studio
*A team member who pays attention to detail, is organized, with a great work ethic and commitment to doing excellent work
*A team member who can meet deadlines and work well under pressure
*A team member who is teachable, open to communication and performance review
*Experience editing weddings is not mandatory

What you can expect…
*To become a creative wedding video editor
*Advanced editing techniques and knowledge of different editing platforms
*A creative work place and environment, we work hard and have a lot of fun!
*To collaborate and work with a fun team
*How to create beautiful, engaging, and captivating wedding films that tell a story
*Lots of feedback, encouragement, memories, and laughs

Wedding Cinematographer:

Please submit a demo reel or body of work for us to review via a youtube or vimeo link. Also include a resume with references in an email.

We are looking for…
*A team member who is passionate about documenting live events in a cinematic way
*A team member who is free on weekends, dependable, and able to keep commitments
*A team member with a commitment to going above and beyond the clients expectations on a shoot
*A team member who has dependable transportation
*Experience with DSLR Cameras (7D, 5D Mkii, 5D Mkiii, etc.)
*A team member who loves interacting with people
*A team member who can think quickly under pressure and solve problems on their own
*A team member with good communication
*Experience shooting weddings is not mandatory

What you can expect:
*To become a creative wedding filmmaker
*Advanced shooting techniques with DSLR cameras
*Advanced visual storytelling techniques
*How to collaborate as a team of filmmakers and work with other vendors successfully on a shoot
*Lots of feedback, encouragement, memories, and laughs

Things to know:
*This position is compatible with another part time or full time job
*This position does not include day to day in-studio work, but requires that you be available to shoot weddings on Saturdays and possibly Sundays and Fridays
*You do not need to own your own cinematography equipment
*We have been shooting weddings for 7 years and we strive for and maintain our established level of excellence in everything we do. From the first interaction with a client, the months leading up to their wedding, on the wedding day, and until we deliver their wedding film. Our desire is to serve people always and provide them with an amazing product and experience that they will remember forever.

If you are interested in any of the available positions please send your demo reel or body of work via a youtube or vimeo link along with a resume and references to studio@filmsforlife.com. In the body of your email please copy and paste the following questions and answer them to the best of your ability! We look forward to meeting you!

1) Please describe your wedding filmmaking experience

2) Please list the filmmaking equipment that you own

3)  Please list the editing platforms you are efficient in

4) How long have you been following or known about Heart Stone Films?

5) Why would you be the best fit to join the Heart Stone team?