September 4, 2012

We’re Heart Stone Films

We needed headshots for the new website but we did not want traditional, boring or corporate looking shots, that would have been a waste of James and our talents and would not have been an accurate reflection of who we are. So as with every shoot a lot of thought, pinning, research, and planning went into this to come up with photos that reflected each of our personalities and also gave you a feel for who we are as individuals. We based the whole shoot on what inspires us. Here is the story behind each of our photos…
Photographer: A huge thank you to James Walters, Walters & Walters
Location: The Sutherland
Concept: Toni
Set Design: Lindsey

I wanted my picture to show my personality and what I love to do most. I love sports and doing anything that involves being active. I played soccer and basketball my whole life and it has shaped my dedication and approach to filmmaking. I approach every shoot and every edit the same as if I were preparing for a big game. I believe in preparation, practice, and execution. I strive to push myself in filmmaking the same way I did when I played sports. I believe that each couple deserves my best and my goal is to give them something even better than that. I feel like this picture gives good insight into what I am all about and how much I put into what I do.







I wanted my picture in front of a mirror with lights. I grew up in front of a mirror just like this getting ready for plays, productions, and dance performances. It represents the moment where it’s just me and nobody else, where I am getting ready to go on stage, preparing myself and getting in the zone. It’s a place of reflection and inspiration. It represents a blank canvas where I start clean and bare, and transform into my character with hair and makeup. It illustrates my creative process; starting with nothing and having the freedom to create the look, feel, tone, mood, and story, however I want. I also love drama, that’s what this place means to me. I wanted to include things that inspire me within the photo on the counter and hung on the mirror…My first pair of pointe shoes, my favorite movies, jewelry, old cameras, penguin figurines, roses, my directors chair, and photos of Chris & I. I’m so obsessed with matching that I had to wear our new brand colors; black, white and yellow! And I made sure to include the dots in my skirt and painted my nails yellow, this is a direct reflection of my impeccable attention to detail!




I chose to have my portrait taken outside because I love the outdoors. Picnics, cloud watching, picking wildflowers.. my favorite! I LOVE books. I enjoy being transported into some other world. I also love to travel and want to see the world! I would love to travel and document all the places I go to through the lens of my camera! Making memories and documenting life on film is what I feel I was created for. It brings me so much joy. I love the way my camera allows me to connect with people. It gives the freedom to peek into the intimate and personal places of peoples hearts. I am inspired by what I find there.







I wanted my photo to include one of my most precious possessions, my Fender Telecaster. Music has always been the beginning driving force for all my creative expressions. Whether film, photo, music, writing or editing; music is always the backbone of it. I started playing guitar in college a few years ago. (I will not define “a few”) I never attained the status of “rock god” or “college indie god” but to be able to emulate some of my favorite riffs and solos was a rush to me. I learned to surf a few years back and just to stand a few times on my board was equivalent to playing my favorite songs. It is a rush and a feeling that I recommend to all. (Both surfing and guitar). The idea of having my picture taken with my Fender was a must but also misleading. I’m not Keith Richards, Ace Frehley, Pete Townsend or even Prince.   I wasn’t in a band nor ever played a pal’s wedding (lucky them). I’m not a rock star. But for one moment of time it’s not a bad idea to pretend you are one. We are all rock stars once in a while and maybe that’s what a wedding day is like to me too. I get to shoot rock stars on a night when they deserve to be ones.




The Team
We wanted a fun team photo and each took our favorite old camera and bam, here we are!


Love the new site and branding!! Y’all all look awesome {esp Toni after hair and makeup with a phenomenal MUA/stylist!} 🙂 Great work you guys!

Why thank you! She had the best hair/makeup artist in the city!