Wholeheartedly | A Series About Relationships by Heart Stone Films | Episode 2: 10 Year Anniversary

Wholeheartedly | A Series About Relationships by Heart Stone Films 

IN THIS EPISODE: The 10 Year Anniversary Edition

This episode is a MUST WATCH in our humble yet very biased opinion. January 19th 2008, 10 years ago, we got married on a somewhat snowy and very cold day. In this episode we relive that magical day and discuss some of our favorite moments and **gasp** share actual video footage of our wedding!! We end the episode with our “Token of Love”, the #1 piece of advice that we have learned after 10 years of marriage!


What is Wholeheartedly? 

While we absolutely LOVE filming weddings and documenting life’s most important moments, at our core we care deeply about helping to build strong, lasting marriages!

A little backstory for you here, long before Heart Stone Films was a thing, we were meeting with young people (singles and couples) every weekend to help them navigate the world of dating (courtship), relationships, and marriage! We believe that a strong lasting marriage takes work, and that work should begin before you ever pop the question or walk down the aisle! Now that our weekends are filled with capturing beautiful weddings, we want to continue to pour into anyone who is looking to start the good work of preparing for or continuing to build a strong, lasting marriage!

Enter, our new video series:  “Wholeheartedly”. If your going to do a relationship right, do it with your WHOLE heart. You have to be all in! For better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part…. This beautiful thing called marriage asks that we commit our WHOLE HEART to our spouse!

We are committing to create a video every month where we discuss real experiences and stories from our 10 Years of marriage, and give you a “Token of Love” that can hopefully help you in your relationship! This is a resource for anyone who is single, dating, engaged, or married! It is so worth working toward a strong, lasting marriage at any of these stages in your life!

Watch our most recent “10 Year Anniversary Episode” and click here to read about and watch our “4 Christmases Episode” ! Please watch, share, and leave us your feedback!  We want to join in this journey with you!

xoxo- Toni and Chris




Enjoy and share your comments and feedback! What else do you want to know? What questions do you have about marriage? What other topics should we cover/discuss?


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